Happy 20th Birthday Vim

Today marks the 20th anniversary of Vim, one of the most powerful and versatile command line text editors around. I’ve been a happy Vim user since I was at Uni. It’s installed on almost all every server I’ve used, and can be customised with lots of little scripts making it as useful as any GUI editor.

Two decades of productivity: Vim’s 20th anniversary (ars technica)

svn diff via vim

When I’m reviewing the changes I’ve made to an svn checkout I prefer to see the changes in colour. This would be very easy if I was someone that used a graphical editor, but I’m one of those people that prefer to use vim, or vi if I really have to. As a result I had to think of a way of changing svn diff into something that was easy to read. I found out that vim has a syntax highlight template for diff files, so it got me thinking. What about pushing the diff into a file and then viewing the file in vim.
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