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Quick one-liner to set up a new SVN project with a trunk, branches and tags

When creating a new project in SVN one recognised standard is to set up a trunk, branches, and tags directory structure. Where I’m working at the moment, we also have a release directory placed under tags and branches. Which I’ve also started to do on some of my other projects out side of work as well (those that are under SVN anyway)

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svn diff via vim

When I’m reviewing the changes I’ve made to an svn checkout I prefer to see the changes in colour. This would be very easy if I was someone that used a graphical editor, but I’m one of those people that prefer to use vim, or vi if I really have to. As a result I had to think of a way of changing svn diff into something that was easy to read. I found out that vim has a syntax highlight template for diff files, so it got me thinking. What about pushing the diff into a file and then viewing the file in vim.
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Ignore whitespace in a Subversion diff

SubVersion It’s a common problem developers face – how can I see just the changes that have been made and ignore all the line ending changes? This tends to happen when you have members of your team committing changes when they have checked out the code onto different operating systems, be it Windows, Mac of Linux.

svn diff doesn’t really have a built in option for ignoring whitespace, but gnu diff does, and it is possible to use it within an svn diff command by using –diff-cmd

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