CSS2 and CSS3 Help Sheets (Liquidicity)

Last week I posted a Vi Help Sheet I discovered on Smashing Magazine by Liquidicity,¬†and this week they’ve released one for CSS2 and CSS3. Both are worth downloading and using for reference in my opinion. They are again, very clear and easy to read. They do not cover all CSS properties, simply because there are too many to fit onto 2 A4 sheets, but then contain most of the important ones.

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Vi Help Sheet (Liquidicity)

Today I found one of the nicest Vi Help Sheets I’ve seen in a long while. I came by this via Smashing Magazine and just had to include it on here. Most people who know me know I’m one of those odd developers would still does the bulk of their development work using VIm as I find the speed it offers unparalleled. Continue reading Vi Help Sheet (Liquidicity)