Ignore whitespace in a Subversion diff

SubVersion It’s a common problem developers face – how can I see just the changes that have been made and ignore all the line ending changes? This tends to happen when you have members of your team committing changes when they have checked out the code onto different operating systems, be it Windows, Mac of Linux.

svn diff doesn’t really have a built in option for ignoring whitespace, but gnu diff does, and it is possible to use it within an svn diff command by using –diff-cmd

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Multiple SSH private keys

I covered my ideal ssh config settings a few days ago, but I left out one part, my ssh keys. When it comes to ssh keys I like to use a different key for different servers, or groups of servers.

I have one ssh key I use at work, one for my personal websites, and at the moment a 3rd for a side-project I’m working on.

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My ideal ssh client config set-up

Recently I was asked how I’d managed to set up alias’s for all of the development servers I use on a day to day basis on my work laptop (a MacBook Pro), and how I had managed to set a default username for all outgoing connections. To which I replied I’d just set up my most commonly used connections in my ssh config file. What follows is a sample of my ssh config, which will hopefully help you to write your own.
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