Michael Owen Online relaunch

Michael Owen OnlineThe DNS has migrated and the new code is online. The new version of Michael Owen Online has gone up with almost no problems. The only issues that were seen were 2 HTML files Google Webmaster tools looks for to prove you own the website, and a collection of wordpress URLs which were not identified and 301’d when the new code went up. As re-launch issues go they were pretty minor. Continue reading Michael Owen Online relaunch

New hosting solution – Bytemark

Today I started the process of transferring all my websites and client projects onto a new hosting provider. After a week of research and comparisons I’ve decided to move over to Bytemark.co.uk. I’ve chosen them for a number of reasons, most importantly of all, root access. One thing which has always annoyed me about shared hosting has been the lack of control on the server. If I want to run the latest build of apache, with all the bug fixes then why should I have to wait for my hosting provider to catch up? It’s not difficult to compile a new version, or if I’m feeling lazy I can us apt-get to upgrade to the latest community build. Continue reading New hosting solution – Bytemark