Free offsite backup via Google

Offsite backup is one of those luxuries that most small websites and bloggers will never have, mainly because of cost, but sometimes because our hosting solutions do not support or offer them.

So this week I lost the server that my sites sit on for a few days, and I realised that I have no real backup of the databases on there. I have a copy of the code as it’s within SubVersion, so there was never really any chance of losing that part of my site, but what about my database. This got me thinking, is there a way I can sort out a form of offsite database backup?
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Back online

Well it’s good to be back. The server which hosts this website, and died 2 weeks ago and today I finally had time to restore the content on both sites.

The loss of both sites got me thinking about the need to back things up more often and and ways to do the backup easily. To that end I’ve got a little script to write in order to automate all my backup needs, and then I’ll share how and what I’ve done to provide my little sites with a solid backup system.