Happy 20th Birthday Vim

Today marks the 20th anniversary of Vim, one of the most powerful and versatile command line text editors around. I’ve been a happy Vim user since I was at Uni. It’s installed on almost all every server I’ve used, and can be customised with lots of little scripts making it as useful as any GUI editor.

Two decades of productivity: Vim’s 20th anniversary (ars technica)

Sky Scam from +353 (99) 91 27

Be warned. There is a currently a scam company in operation claiming to be from SKY customer services.

They are calling people on their mobile phones from
+353 (99) 91 27

If you receive a call from this number then you should not give up your personal information or any information about your SKY account.

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Fantastic alternative to lorem ipsum

I was introduced to a fantastic alternative to Lorem Ipsum today thanks to one of the developers I work with. Rather then use the same block text on your web sites and applications you can now use quotes from Samuel L Jackson, curtsey of Samuel L Ipsum.

Some of the more choice phrases have been taken from films like Pulp Fiction, while the more child friendly quotes are from Unbreakable. There is still an option for the classis Lorem Ipsum, but that’s not that much fun really.

I know what I’ll be using from now on when working with sample content…

Happy 3rd birthday Google Chrome

Where were you 3 years ago? Do you remember where you were when Google entered the browser wars? I was working at IPC Media and remember thinking great, another browser to support… In the end though Chrome has become my browser of choice. Even over FireFox and Opera.

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Simple Authentication for Symfony using Facebook Login

A few days ago I set about the task of writing an authentication system for DropoutUK based around Facebook Connect / Facebook Login Button. I was pleasantly surprised to learn just how simple it seems to be these days, compared to the first implementation I played with back in 2009. Which, OK is 2 years now, but the new social plugins make life so much easier.

So what is involve? Just 4 simple actions

  1. Create a new facebook application
  2. Add your website URL to it
  3. Add the facebook Login Button to the page
  4. Check for the facebook cookie and process a login action if possible.

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Transparent SSH keys – ways in which they can be useful

I’m sure you’ve read time and time again that ssh keys without a passphrase are bad, and that they should never be created, because they create an easy attack onto your system should someone get hold of your ssh public and private key pair somehow. However I find them very useful when accessing the development boxes at work, and I’m sure that anyone else who has to connect to multiple development servers or any internal servers come to mention it will agree; one less password / passphrase saves so much time. Be it connecting to the server to find a file, or scp’ing a file somewhere, or to run some remote command.

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Symfony2 – it’s finally ready…

Back in April we saw the first BETA release of Symfony2. Since then we’ve seen 5 beta versions, but earlier today the final version of 2.0 was released. So I’m left with the question on the back of my mind, how many companies will be upgrading their projects from 1.x? Or will they just accept that their existing projects are staying on 1.x and new ones shall be commissioned to build replacements on the new platform?

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