Sky Scam from +353 (99) 91 27

Be warned. There is a currently a scam company in operation claiming to be from SKY customer services.

They are calling people on their mobile phones from
+353 (99) 91 27

If you receive a call from this number then you should not give up your personal information or any information about your SKY account.

Normally when I get calls from scammers I like to play with them for a little and tell them things like (note: none of these are real of course, I’m not that stupid):

  • My account number is 123456789 [pause] 012
  • My pin number is 1234
  • My mothers maiden name is foobar
  • My account number is 00123456
  • My sort code is 123456
  • My password is monkey nuts
This time though I just told them to not call me again and I would be calling SKY on the number I already had to check the reason for their call. Guess what, SKY had no notes on my account or reason to phone me. They also said that they would NEVER call from an Irish phone number to discuss my account. So should you get a call from them as well either play with them or tell them you will call them back. Check you account with SKY, and maybe change your password with them.

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