Fantastic alternative to lorem ipsum

I was introduced to a fantastic alternative to Lorem Ipsum today thanks to one of the developers I work with. Rather then use the same block text on your web sites and applications you can now use quotes from Samuel L Jackson, curtsey of Samuel L Ipsum.

Some of the more choice phrases have been taken from films like Pulp Fiction, while the more child friendly quotes are from Unbreakable. There is still an option for the classis Lorem Ipsum, but that’s not that much fun really.

I know what I’ll be using from now on when working with sample content…

Happy 3rd birthday Google Chrome

Where were you 3 years ago? Do you remember where you were when Google entered the browser wars? I was working at IPC Media and remember thinking great, another browser to support… In the end though Chrome has become my browser of choice. Even over FireFox and Opera.

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