Pure CSS Icons (animated 3D Super Mario and IE Logo)

This morning I discovered that Andreas Jacob had created a childhood classic in CSS3. He’s created a CSS3 version of Mario from the days of the NES and 8-bit gaming.

In most CSS3 capable browsers the image renders in 2D however in Chrome 9 the image renders in 3D and rotates. Which is very cool. For the best effect I’d recommend you view the source link below in the latest version of Chrome. Firefox 3.6, Opera 10.6 & IE9 are not supported.

Source: http://cordobo.com/1662-pure-css-animated-3d-super-mario-icon/

Andreas has also created a version of the Internet Explorer Logo in CSS3 and that can be seen in one of his earlier blog posts. http://cordobo.com/1630-internet-explorer-pure-css-logo/

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