Firefox 3.6.4 build 1 released (BETA)

Firefox 3.6.4-build-1

A BETA version of the next release of Firefox has been released this week (3.6.4 build 1).

This version of Firefox 3 provides uninterrupted browsing for Windows and Linux users when one of the following browser plugins fail:

  • Adobe Flash
  • Apple Quicktime
  • Microsoft Silverlight

It is claimed that if one of the above plugins crashes or freezes, it will not affect the rest of Firefox. The user is able to refresh / reload the page to restart the plugin and try again.

Download the Beta here, and read the release notes here.

A post on the official Firefox blog ( reads as follows:

We encourage users to test this Firefox 3.6.4 beta on their favorite websites, and give us feedback by submitting their crash reports. If users find websites that repeatedly cause plugin crashes, we ask that they file a bug or fill out this feedback form. As always, we appreciate the help we get from the community in evaluating these beta releases.

So far I’ve not managed to crash my Firefox with Adobe Flash or Apple Quicktime, but I may be just lucky. Overall there appears to be no difference between 3.6.3 and 3.6.4 apart from tweaks under the hood.

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